Curriculum Bulletin

The Department designs a diversity of specialized courses to complement the curriculum of the College of Management. The courses are directed at cultivating innovative and capable individuals toward global markets. Our Department seeks to not only widen students’ perspectives and abilities of foreign business management but also reinforce faculty members’ teaching capability.


Undergraduate Program

The program offered by the department cover may management practices and interpersonal communication courses in addition to fundamental cross-discipline courses of economics accounting finance and management. Candidates for the bachelor degree must complete a minimum of 128 credits including 79 credits of required courses (23 credits in residence 12 credits at college 44 credits core courses); 37 credits of elective courses (a minimum of 21 credits of department coursework remaining credits for additional disciplines); and 12 credits of general education all completed within four years. To receive a bachelor degree all candidates must complete at least two credits in each of the following categories: humanities social sciences laws and history.


Postgraduate Program

Candidates must complete coursework within a maximum of four academic years with at least 42 credits including eight required courses (24 credits) and 15 elective credits and a thesis of three credits. The program does not break down into various majors. The courses will introduce an advanced knowledge of business management theories and practices. The program meets its demand of higher education to deepen theories and practical skills of management for postgraduate candidates of related disciplines. Its pivotal theme of teaching is intended to broaden candidates’ management knowledge of not only businesses in Taiwan and China but also in foreign regions and cross-nations adding to its research focus on innovation and entrepreneurial management. It highlights intensive training for future entrepreneurs and executives of middle-to-top ranks in any sectors of private or public businesses.


Executive Master Programs

Candidates must complete coursework within four academic years with a minimum of 36 credits including required courses 21 credits for core courses and 15 credits for elective courses as well as a thesis of three credits. This program provides executives of middle-to-top ranks in sophistication and up to date knowledge of management to develop their critical visions on foreign markets and businesses across strait. Candidates are trained to facilitate their skills of business planning leadership analysis and decision making.