Education Goals and Prospects

Bachelor Program of Business Administration

Our goal for a pragmatic undergraduate program is to cultivate eminent management professionals in the age of a knowledge-based economy by offering students with international and local management knowledge and practice. The courses offered by our department integrate theory with practice based on Chinese enterprise management philosophy to create innovative and capable potentials in workplaces. The graduates are prepared to be entrepreneurs or executives of low-to-middle ranks in all sectors including private or governmental departments and various service industries or continue studying in a higher education.


Master Program of Business Administration

Our goal for full-time graduate programs is to provide advanced management education for students in relevant disciplines through reinforcement of theories and practical managerial skills. This program accentuates various aspects of management knowledge such as international and multi-national enterprise management Taiwanese or Chinese business innovation entrepreneurial management brand marketing and human resource management. We offer an intensive and broad training for future entrepreneurs and executives of middle-to-top ranks in all sectors of private or public businesses.

Executive Master Program of Business Administration

This exceptional graduate program is specially designed for management professionals who are seeking study as its own reward and to increase the knowledge in their areas of business through advanced education. Our goal for this program is to equip middle to top executives with sophisticated and up-to-date knowledge and skills of management to develop their critical eye on foreign markets and businesses across the Strait. Students are trained to advance their skills in business planning leadership analysis and decision-making. In accordance with the goal we assist students to incorporate their management experiences into study as an augmentation on theories of management and to create a platform for collaboration of academy and business to upgrade competitiveness of the students and their companies. As a topnotch program for management professionals we prepare them to bring an impact on enterprises and society.